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When the hair beauty met the love of nature Nevitaly Sustainable arise. It is a professional products line to take care of every type of hair, even the most sensitive. Inspired by the surrounding environment we chose three key ingredients:

  • Up to 98% of natural ingredients;
  • Organic certified raw materials;
  • Recycled and sustainable packaging: we chose bottles made of recycled plastic and we also eliminate all the boxes from our products
  • Reliable supply chain composed of Italian Suppliers.

With the willingness to keep attention to the surrounding environment, we try to reduce the environmental impact of our production cycle. First with the use of TREEFREE paper for our catalogs: this kind of paper doesn’t contain cellulose from trees, but it comes from annual plants such as bamboo, cotton and bagasse. Second through a collaboration with TREEDOM. Thanks to Treedom, Nevitaly contributes to plant fruit trees in Cameroon and Kenya to provide environmental benefits on a global scale and improve the living conditions of local populations. Discover our project in collaboration with Treedom.

Nevitaly Sustainable was born from our wish to create a better future and respect the environment and nature, in line with our philosophy. We started this journey towards sustainably rediscovering age-old cereals: AMARANTH, OAT, QUINOA, RICE AND BROWN RICE, basic materials gluten-free, and organically grown. We created a professional line product that fits every needs:

Professional product line for coloured hair. It gives brightness to hair, revives and prolongs the color duration

Professional product line for dry and frizzy hair. It gives softness to hair, deeply hydrates and nurtures to hair.

Professional product line for damaged hair. It gives structure and repairs even the most damaged hair.

Professional product line for frequent use. It gives lightness and leaves a pleasantly fresh sensation on the scalp. It hydrates and strengthens the hair.

Anti-Yellow Professional product line. It protects the hair and combats the appearance of the unpleasant yellow reflections.

Sensitive Product line for infants and children, especially designed for the children hair care.